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Transshipment services


Singapore & Malaysia: Transshipment Powerhouses

As a emerging player in the transshipment port services industry, we pride ourselves on our expertise in seamlessly connecting global trade routes. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, we efficiently transfer cargo from one vessel to another, ensuring secure and timely deliveries for our valued clients.

We can provide:

1. General & Project Cargo transhipments 

2. Port Steveoding Activities of Breakbulk & RORO

3. Storage Yard inside port 

4. Mobile Cranes & Big Forklifts 

5. Labours / Riggers
6. Barge Movements to nearby countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., 

7. Exclusive transhipments & and vessel fixing to Bangladesh, India, the Philipines etc., 

When you choose our transshipment services, you can trust that your cargo is in safe hands. We prioritize the security of your shipments, implementing stringent measures to safeguard against potential risks or damages. Our well-coordinated approach and attention to detail guarantee that your goods arrive at their destination with utmost care and efficiency.

24/7 Customer Support
Port Stevedoring
Lifting & Securing
Police Escorts
Door to Door Delivery

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