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Discover seamless ocean freight solutions with Go Gauge Logistics' global network and industry expertise. Benefit from flexible options and competitive costs through major ocean shipping alliances. Our comprehensive services cover ocean, air, customs, and surface transportation, streamlining your logistics with a single provider.

Full Container Load

For the transportation of a container from the point of loading up until the point of unloading, the term “FCL” stands for full container load. FCL may be the most cost-effective means of transportation for your business depending on the volume. 

If you’re looking to transfer your FCL ocean freight in a timely and cost-effective manner, we can assist in customizing the solution for you. We offer FCL services for


  1. Dry Cargo

  2. Refrigerated Crago

  3. Special Cargo

  4. Dangerous cargo

Less Than Container Load

Your ocean shipments may not always be large enough to fill an entire standard-size cargo container. However, the wonderful news is that you no longer have to. Go Gauge Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipping eliminates this situation by merging your shipment with those of multiple parties before it is moved to a destination. 

At Go Gauge, we go above and beyond to ensure that our LCL solutions provide you with quick turnaround time, increased inventory efficiency, and improved transparency throughout the supply chain.



Experience tailored air freight solutions with our team of professionals, ensuring reliable and seamless deliveries via commercial aircraft or specialized freighter airliners. GoG is committed to preserving the integrity of your merchandise chain.

Skilled Specialists Our trained air freight experts guarantee timely and pristine deliveries, catering to your unique needs.

Expert Knowledge We monitor aircraft availability globally, providing alternative options in no time.

Handling Oversized Cargo Trust our highly skilled team to load and transport outsized or dangerous cargos securely.

24/7 Support Depend on our round-the-clock customer service for crucial assistance with Air shipments.

Swift Services Meet strict deadlines worldwide with our swift and flexible merchant organization.



GoG's comprehensive forwarding capabilities include Rail Freight services, ensuring timely and budget-friendly cargo delivery. With key contacts and dedicated project managers available 24/7, your shipments are in capable hands. Embracing an expansive rail transportation network, we offer global rail services as an eco-friendly alternative to sea and air freight.

Advantages of Rail Freight:

1. Safety: Rail's improved infrastructure enhances safety and efficiency with minimal human intervention and no highway congestion.


2. Technology: Rail transport benefits from cutting-edge automation, modern systems, and big data tools.

3.Sustainability: Environmentally friendly, rail transports more freight over longer distances, producing fewer carbon emissions per mile.

4. Fuel Conservation: Despite longer shipping times, rail becomes more cost-effective as it requires less fuel per ton of cargo transported.

5. Multimodal Compatibility: Rail freight containers and trailers integrate seamlessly with road freight, expediting cargo handling at transit points.

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